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Aesthetically Pleasing Woodland/Boho Nursery

2020 was a strange year for reasons I don’t need to mention, but on top of everything I was also pregnant for basically the full year. With most of our weddings and projects postponed I had a whole lot of creative energy piling up inside of me. When it came time to start thinking about the nursery, I was able to channel all of that creativity into the perfect space to welcome our future little one. 

Mid-quarantine, my husband asked me what I considered my number one hobby. He didn’t intend for his question to be work-related at all but the most honest answer I could come up with was, “designing and being in aesthetically pleasing places.” I wanted to create a space that was both functional for my child’s early years, while being a soothing and relaxing place for me. Both my husband and I wanted to make a little something for the room ourselves. So, I designed and made the mobile which fit perfectly with the handcrafted crib my husband built – yes, I’d say he’s a keeper as well! One last goal I had for the room was that most of the major furniture pieces could be repurposed into any other type of room in our house down the road. 

I don’t usually share a ton of my personal life on my business blog, but since 2020 was anything but normal, I bring you a slight deviation from my typical narrative. Please join me for a tour of our newest family member’s aesthetically pleasing nursery!

Now, it’s time for this little boy to show the room some love by making it messy. But, don’t think I won’t attempt to make Barney’s clean up song part of our daily routine 😉

  1. Tamara says:

    Hey Rachel, congratulations! We are also having a woodland themed nursery! I love your pictures & the room looks great. I love those strapped up shelves too!

  2. Maryanne Cumberland says:

    Love it! I know this room gives you the exact feelings your were hoping for each time you walk into the room! I can’t wait to spend more time here! So excited! Macky

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